be sure your intention is clearly present in your movement


movement organizes itself when intention is clear

Moshe Feldenkrais

Intuitive Somatics

Breath and movement are essentials to life, but how much focus, attention and intention do you give them. What if breathing could be full and movement intentional, creating your canvas for moving forward?

Intuitive Somatics

The meditative movement work changed my life. In 2010, simply walking from one place to the next was not easy.  After researching and deciding The Feldenkrais Method® was my "solution," and engaging fully in it, life grew to be increasingly easy and good.

Since then, I've taught Feldenkrais Method® locally throughout TN and GA, including by invitation at regional conferences and workshops.  I've also taught in Ireland while on a music performance tour and in Spain at an international music conference.

Intuitive Somatics and The Feldenkrais Method® continue to be part of a daily wellness practice.

FGNA Guild Certified Feldenkrais Teacher

 TN Licensed Massage Therapist # 


Why am I sharing about somatics and the Feldenkrais Method®? Well, it'd be great to hear about your "go to process" for making life better. Is it nutrition, movement, arts, athletics, nature? What got you to where you are? What's your next step?


 The furture is in the "next step!" Whats the plan, the intention.  So whether you want to share about your process or your hopes for the next step, email me